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Profits can lead corporations to take dangerous risks. In the medical device industry, it can mean that a company decides to rush a product onto market without proper clinical testing. Or it could mean the company goes too far in promoting a product for “off-label use.” Sometimes, the pursuit of corporate profits turns into a crime.

Acclarent Medical Device Criminal TrialThere is an unsettling criminal case being tried in Massachusetts federal court this week. Two executives of a company called Acclarent are being prosecuted for fraud in the marketing of a medical device known as “Stratus.” The Stratus was a device that was supposed to relieve symptoms of sinusitis using saline. It consisted of a tube with a balloon attached to a sharp pin. The device would be implanted in the patient’s sinus, where it would be left in place for two weeks. It was reported to work as similar devices which created space in the sinus area using saline, which allowed patients to breathe easier. But according to testimony in the criminal trial, Acclarent had other intentions for the Stratus. Instead of using saline, the Stratus was intended to deliver “Kenalog,” a steroid found in medications like Nasacourt.

But I should back up.

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Clay, thank you sir for making a disheartening experience at least palatable, you and your staff were honest, caring and understanding through the entire process of my wife’s hip replacements, while monetary settlements never make the pain and suffering end, it sometimes is the only way people can fight back to right a wrong. J. V.
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