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06: The Costs of Product Liability Litigation

There are many factors to consider when taking a product liability case to court, including the financial costs. Even after you win your case, there are litigation and other costs and payments that have to be handled. In today’s podcast, Product Liability Lawyer Clay Hodges talks about how to manage these costs after your lawsuit is won, the financial differences between winning through a settlement or jury trial, and additional expenses that may impact your net award. Tune into this episode of Failed Hips and Harmful Drugs for more on what happens next after your settlement is complete. 


Show Highlights: 

  • What happens after you win your settlement 
  • Paying back litigation expenses 
  • When expert witnesses are necessary and how they are paid 
  • Dealing with hard costs and unpaid medical bills 
  • The repayment for health insurance benefits 
  • Health care liens 
  • Paying attorneys with a contingency fee 
  • Consolidated federal court and MDL cases 
  • When a common benefit fee is subtracted from settlement awards
  • Factors that reduce attorney’s overall award and your net recovery
  • How to determine whether taking the case to court is worth it 


To contact Clay for questions regarding failed medical devices or defective drugs: 919.546.8788

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