12: Victim of Defective Artificial Hip Tells Her Story

iStock-177783057-1-300x200In this week’s episode, Clay’s friend and former client shares her experience from recovering from not one, but three hip replacement surgeries. “Amy” discusses her journey from discovering her need for hip replacement surgery, to having the surgery, to how she knew the product was defective, and through her recovery process.

This conversation is full of important information if you have or think you may need a hip replacement. Join Clay Hodges in this episode to learn more about Amy’s experience with a defective hip replacement.

Show Highlights: 

  • Amy shares what her physical activity looked like before her hip replacement
  • When and how Amy realized she needed surgery
  • Amy shares when she got her first surgery and what her recovery was like
  • How Amy found out her hip replacement was defective
  • The rehab process after the revision surgery vs the initial surgery
  • Amy shares her experience with pain management and medicine
  • The differences between each revision surgery
  • Amy shares how she’s worked to get active again
  • Why it takes diligence to recover and build strength back
  • The importance of seeking out support


“I just started having a little pain and woke up and couldn’t sleep well at night” – Amy

“Exercising was kind of the way I dealt with issues and anxiety, so I was a good patient by trying to do all of the exercises they recommended and I did everything I could to rehab” – Amy

“I stayed in therapy three months the second time” – Amy

“I’m a maniac about working on my hip. Every day it’s been a little something and trying to find exercises that help” – Amy

“I’m just really thankful I can have a normal existence as far as day-to-day activities” – Amy

“A lot of it is up to the patient. It’s easy to quit.” – Amy

“In order to live a good life, it’s going to take some work, and a lot of work” – Amy

“You have to seek out as many options and methods of support as you can find” – Amy

“People need to hear it’s possible to recover” – Amy

“You have to take ownership over your own health and wellness.” –Clay



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