Philips Agrees to $1.1 Billion CPAP and BiPAP Settlement

CPAP SettlementIt appears as if Philips’ legal problems concerning their CPAP and BiPAP machines in the United States may be coming to an end. Late last year, there was a tentative settlement concerning the plaintiffs’ economic loss claims. Then just recently, a court not only approved the economic loss settlement proposal, but Philips just agreed to pay $1.1 billion to settle the personal injury and medical monitoring claims. Let’s take a closer look at this CPAP settlement and what plaintiffs and future claimants can expect.

Economic Loss Settlement

In October 2023, the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania (District Court) issued an order preliminarily approving a settlement concerning the economic loss claims. These are claims that relate to the financial losses connected to the purchase of the affected machines. In April 2024, the District Court granted final approval of that settlement.

The official website handling the settlement claims process has been set up. It has eligibility information, how to submit a claim and the amount of money eligible claimants can receive. Generally speaking, if you’re eligible for an economic loss settlement payment, you could receive up to three payments.

CPAP machine for people with sleep apnea.First, there’s the Device Payment Award. This amount depends on the specific device you used. Award amounts range from $55.63 (for the DreamStation CPAP) to $1,552.25 (for the Trilogy 100/200, Garbin Plus or Aeris LifeVent).

Second, there’s the Device Return Award. This is a flat $100 payment for each recalled device that’s returned to Philips by August 9, 2024.

Third, there’s the Device Replacement Award. This is to reimburse you if you used your own money to buy a CPAP, BiPAP or ventilator device to replace an affected Philips machine. You must have purchased this replacement device on or after June 14, 2021 and before September 7, 2023.

The amount of this award depends on the price of the machine you purchased minus any financial payments you received to help pay for that machine (from an insurance company or third-party payer). The Device Replacement Award amount could also be reduced based on how many valid claims there are.

Personal Injury and Medical Monitoring $1.1 Billion CPAP Settlement

CPAP SettlementThis is the big CPAP settlement that everyone is now talking about. The above-discussed economic loss settlement did not address legal claims relating to personal injuries and medical monitoring.

Medical monitoring claims are for current claimants and/or plaintiffs who aren’t aware of any health problems right now (that are related to the litigation), but believe health issues could develop in the future. As a result, the defendant agrees to pay for future medical tests and doctor visits to find any medical problems so they can be detected and treated as soon as possible.

Philips announced the $1.1 billion settlement on April 29, 2024, with the vast majority of those funds intended to pay for personal injuries. A small fraction, roughly $25 million, will go towards medical monitoring. This settlement came thanks to mediation and applies to the legal claims in the United States.

Because of how recent this settlement is, many details are still unclear. For example, we don’t know how much each victim will receive, as that amount will depend on how many people file a settlement claim and the extent of their injuries.

Additionally, it’s not clear what method will be used to calculate how much money each claimant receives. There will be a point system or formula that determines the settlement award based on factors like the severity of the personal injuries, how long the Philips BiPAP or CPAP device was used and the age of the claimant. The strength of the scientific link between personal injury and the use of the affected device might also be considered.

There are currently tens of thousands of people who are likely eligible for compensation under this settlement. Using very simple math, this means the average payout per person could potentially range anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000, although this is merely rough estimate and should not be considered the official range of settlement payouts.

Finally, we don’t know exactly when the settlement awards will be paid. That being said, we shouldn’t expect any checks to start going out until at least 2025. As I’ve said many times, the administration of settlements of this size move slowly.

If you believe you might be eligible for either settlement, it’s a good idea to talk to an attorney. You may not know which situation may apply to you until you have an initial consultation. After that, you can best decide what to do. I’m available to answer any questions you might have. You can call me at 919.546.8788.


Note: This post is not legal advice.


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