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02: 4 Things to Do If Hip Replacements Fail

If you are experiencing chronic pain due to a hip replacement, it is vital you take the right precautions in order to receive compensation. There are many steps to take in regards to dealing with a defective product and each of them is necessary to create a potential case. In this episode of Failed Hips and Harmful Drugs, Clay Hodges will teach you the steps to take under the circumstances of a failed hip replacement and how to make the right decisions for your overall health. 

Show Highlights:

  • Products to be careful of 
  • Metal to Metal artificial hips 
  • 4 things you need to do if you believe your artificial hip replacement has failed 
  • Starting a pain journal 
  • Pain and suffering damages 
  • Evidence needed for compensation 
  • Making an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon 
  • Making the right decisions for your health 
  • Preparing a potential case against the manufacturer of the defective client 


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