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Failed Hips and Harmful Drugs: The Product Liability Podcast

Failed Hips and Harmful Drugs: The Product Liability Podcast

I’ve been writing on this product liability website for three years. I have now published over 200 articles, and two ebooks, and a page with definitions, and another page providing links to other useful websites, and yet another page where I answer “frequently asked questions” about medical devices and prescription medications, and a bunch of other information. I know many of you have benefited from this information because you have called and told me you have benefited. (I really like getting these calls.) I intend to keep writing articles as often as I can while maintaining a full-time product liability practice.

But today I am excited to announce the launch of my podcast:

Failed Hips and Harmful Drugs: The Product Liability Podcast

In this podcast I will answer your product liability questions, except in a new audio format. This way you can discover a few things about medical device and drug litigation while you walk, or drive to work, or garden. The podcast will focus on the BIG QUESTIONS I often get from people calling my office. Down the road I will interview key individuals who may be able to provide deeper insight into the problems of failed medical devices and harmful prescription drugs. And I encourage you to reach out to me with pressing product liability questions. Who knows? My answers may become my next podcast episode.

To listen to the first two podcasts, simply click the link above, or click “Podcast” on the menu bar at the top of this site. I will also make these podcast episodes available on iTunes, Stitcher, Radio Public, Tunein Radio, and anywhere else I can find to post them.

As always, if you want to talk about a specific issue you may be having with a failing medical device or a problem drug, you can email me or call me at any time: 919.546.8788.


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