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Employee Recovering From Artificial Hip SurgeryMy second guest post was published today on the employment law website, The Spiggle Law Firm. Tom Spiggle runs a robust employment law practice in Virginia, and now and then he asks me to write posts dealing with legal issues that arise when a medical device or drug fails and threatens a person’s job or livelihood. In today’s post, I examine the protections an employee might receive under the Family Medical Leave Act when taking time off for hip replacement surgery or artificial hip revision surgery. You can read my article here: Will I Qualify for FMLA Leave If  I Need an Artificial Hip?

With FMLA, certain companies have obligations to provide protected time away from work while an employee undergoes, and recovers from, surgery. The last thing you need when dealing with an artificial hip or knee surgery is that you may not have your job when you are fully recovered and ready to return to work. Under certain conditions, such as the size of the company, the FMLA may serve to protect your job while you undergo surgery and rehabilitation. There are several limitations and exceptions to the protections under the FMLA, but it is important for you to understand your rights and determine if your job is protected by the federal statute while you recover from hip surgery.

Check out my guest post, and good luck.

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